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One & Only 3D Printed Jewelry

A Toronto-based startup hopes to capture some of the 3D printed jewelry market. 

“One & Only Jewelry” hasn’t quite launched yet, but they’re seeking to partner with designers of 3D printed jewelry. The idea is quite similar to several other curated 3D model repositories, where selected works from hand-picked designers are posted for sale. Designers receive a commission when a print is requested. 

One & Only will be using Sculpteo to perform their printing, and we understand that enables them to print in a variety of materials suitable for the jewelry market, including metals. 

It appears they may be developing an app as part of their sales strategy, given this screenshot. 

With the explosion of 3D model repositories recently, one wonders how this venture could survive against the competition. One way this might work is that they offer printing commissions larger than their competition. According to a statement by One & Only Jewelry in a Reddit thread: 

We sign agreements not to disclose those figures publicly, but what I can tell you is that it’s a significant portion - otherwise nobody would be interested. We’re trying to make sure the designers are happy and it’s a win-win. Otherwise it would be hard to compete for good designs. 

So we don’t know what their percentage take is, but this might be a good deal for designers who are always seeking more ways to sell their products. Designers might want to hit the link below. 

Via One & Only Jewelry

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