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The Scalar M and XL 3D Printers

We’re looking at the product launch for two low-cost, but high-volume 3D printers, the Scalar M and Scalar XL from 3D Modular Systems. 

When we say high volume, we mean it. The Scalar M, the smaller of the two, has a print volume of 300 x 200 x 250mm, somewhat larger than your average personal 3D printer. The larger of the pair, the Scalar XL, has a print volume of 400 x 300 x 400, making it one of the largest volumes you can buy for a low price. 

scalar components.png

Aside from the standard features you’d find on most open-sided 3D printers, such as LCD screen, open filament capability, heated print surface, quiet stepper motors and a rigid frame, the Scalar machines offer a couple of interesting features: 

  • The hot ends are designed to be quickly replaced and standard third party versions can be easily accommodated, including the very popular E3D, as well as the AluHotEnd and Prometheus. 
  • The extruder head includes a built-in auto-leveling inductive probe that should make printing much easier on these machines. 
  • Kits are offered to convert the M to the XL, or, strangely, the XL to the M. 

The Scalar M is offered at €650 (USD$712) and the XL at €850 (USD$913), which is a pretty good price for a machine with such large volume. However, according to their Kickstarter page, the company has made only a small handful of sales so far, and their campaign ends soon, on July 19th. We suspect they’d get more sales if they opened up shipping to points outside the EU. 

Via 3D Modular Systems and Kickstarter

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