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Biomimetics 3D Printing Challenge Now Open

Crowdsourced innovation service Innonatives has posted a challenge seeking “radical ideas” on how to combine biomimetics and 3D printing for sustainability. 

Innonatives is a platform where any company may post a significant challenge and seek the public’s assistance in solving the issue. In this case, the partnership of Biomimetics Hessen and the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) are posting a major challenge. They invite the community to: 

Present Their most brilliant and radical ideas on how Both techniques (Biomimetics and 3D Printing) can be used in combination to generate radical improvements towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.

It’s not clear when the challenge closes, but the ten best ideas as determined by an “expert jury” will be presented in a special event on 15 October in Germany. Submitters will be invited to attend this event to gain feedback from the “high-level expert audience”. 

Innonatives then offers the ability for winning ideas to seek funding through their crowdfunding services after the event. 

Although the contest is open to anyone, this challenge is not for everyone. Nevertheless, we’re certain some Fabbaloo readers would find the Innonatives challenge a worthwhile venture. If you have some ideas for combining solutions evolved through biology with 3D printing, you might want to get on this right away. 

Via Innonatives (German)

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