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UK’s Gary Miller Resurfaces With New 3D Print Service

Longtime Fabbaloo friend Gary Miller has emerged with a new company: 3D Print Bureau. 

Miller previously worked for twelve years with IPF, a UK-based 3D print service that focused on the unusual. With IPF, Miller was able to provide detailed consulting on a wide variety of unique 3D print projects, including both industrial, aerospace, entertainment and consumer goods industries, where he assisted in the development of efficient 3D print workflows. 

Now Miller has started an entirely new service operation, 3D Print Bureau, based in Royston, just north of London. The new company will provide a wide variety of industrial 3D print capabilities, including Stratasys’ Connex multi-material prints,  high-strength ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, ULTEM  and ASA FDM prints, Finely-detailed Envisiontec DLP resin-based prints and also very strong laser-sintered prints. 

Engaging a 3D print service for a job is not as simple as you might think; each job entails details and considerations to ensure the final part is of the required quality, function and cost. To do so, you will require a strong consulting capability from the 3D print service, and in the case of 3D Print Bureau, we believe Miller can definitely do the job. 

Via 3D Print Bureau

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