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Design of the Week: Eco-Water and Water Supply Storage

This week’s selection is the fascinating and practical Eco-Water and Water Supply Storage by Baptiste Godard. 

The system is designed to provide more efficient watering of houseplants by capturing water and metering it to the plant as required. 

It’s composed of two water reservoirs, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the plant pot. The design involves supplying water to the bottom of the plant pot. Water is absorbed by the soil as required. 

The 3D model is composed of several pieces, including the two reservoirs and a number of connecting pieces. You’ll also need to supply some flexible silicone tubes to ensure the water can actually flow as designed. 

As this 3D print will no doubt be exposed to water, be sure to print it in a material that can withstand exposure to moisture. PLA plastic, for example, may degrade over time and perhaps even dissolve! Best to print this one in ABS plastic or other water-impervious materials. 

Via OpenCAD (Francais)

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