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It seems that filament manufacturers are going all-out to make customers happy. 

One filament producer,, has even included food in their shipments! According to Reddit user “paper_faces”, he received a package of delicious Haribo candy in a recent shipment from in the image above. The shipment also included a sample of other filament. 

The market for 3D printer filament is becoming crowded and it is up to the ingenuity of the marketers to develop ways to attract customers. This is a good way, and delicious, too. 

We've previously seen surprise packages of filament samples, but not yet food. Evidently the practice of adding inexpensive candy to commodity product shipments evolved in other areas. It’s not uncommon to receive a candy bonus in a shipment of electronic components, for example, as long as the company is small. 

This may be an indication of the competition level in the world of 3D printer filament. As we’ve written previously, there are a huge number of filament providers in the world, typically existing plastic manufacturers that have suddenly discovered a new market in 3D printing. These are experienced companies with existing revenue streams and they’ll no doubt be tough competition. 

It should be a good time for buyers of 3D printer filament. And tasty, too. 

Via Reddit

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