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Stratasys and Fabbaloo Partner On A Contest

3D printing industry giant Stratasys is partnering with Fabbaloo to offer a challenge for our readers. Read on and you might find yourself able to enter. 

The contest seeks stories from readers describing how the presence of 3D printing has or could positively affect your business workflow. The best entry will be selected by a Fabbaloo panel and featured in a follow-up blog post, but that’s not all: Stratasys will award the winning entry with a custom, 3D printed nameplate and an Amazon gift certificate in the value of USD$200. 

We know there are many, great fascinating stories telling how 3D printing has changed a business’s operations in very dramatic ways. One we specifically know of involved a window manufacturing company, which, once turned on to the idea of 3D printing, was able to rapidly produce many more prototypes for experimental display at trade shows for increased product feedback. 

There are many more. And we’d like to hear them. 

If you believe you have a story worth telling, please fill out the form and detailed contest information located here and you’ll be entered into the Stratasys / Fabbaloo challenge. 

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