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Dremel Provides Support For Education With MyStemKits

Dremel has partnered with MyStemKits to provide owners of Dremel 3D printers with access to educational kits. 

MyStemKits produces a number of classroom kits based on 3D printing technology for educators. Currently they’re running a Kickstarter campaign to “Develop the leading digital library of 3D-printable manipulatives for K-12 STEM education backed with vetted curriculum.”

Their launch campaign is cruising along well, but now there is news that a partnership with Dremel, producer of a very popular desktop 3D printer, the Idea Builder. Dremel will provide access to ten “most promising” educational kits. The access is entirely free and has unlimited access. 

For educators, this is a very important matter, as there is limited availability of proper 3D print curriculum. By purchasing a Dremel, which in our opinion is a very reasonable 3D printer, educators will immediately gain access to training materials and projects. Classes will be able to begin using their 3D printers more effectively more quickly. 

We’ve seen other 3D printer manufacturers take on specialization  in the education market, including Leapfrog and Tinkerine, both of which produce educational 3D printing curriculums. These companies, now joined by MyStemKits and Dremel, understand that 3D printers are of little value unless they are used for productive purposes. Education is one of those productive purposes. 

And doubly so, because those students going through a program of 3D printing will emerge from school with a different understanding of the capabilities and possibilities of modern making equipment. These will be the people that will create our future. 

Via Kickstarter and MyStemKits

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