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Is Something Brewing at 3D Systems?

Insider trading reports suggest there may be something afoot at 3D Systems. 

We haven’t heard much big news from 3D Systems in recent months, even though they are one of the two giants in the 3D printing industry today. You might suspect it’s because of a general market trading slowdown in 3D printing stocks, but perhaps there’s more to the story. 

By looking at the official insider trading report, anyone can see the stock transactions performed by officials within a company. We checked out 3D Systems’ insider report and noticed quite a bit of stock buying and very little selling. 

Sells are not as important as buys, because any individual may require cash at any time and thus be forced to sell. However, buying stock is usually a choice. 

People buy when they believe the stock price will rise, and these “insiders” may know things you don’t. That’s why insider reports exist; to provide you with a gross indication of their current state of mind regarding their company. 

It could be that these individuals are taking advantage of recent dips in 3D printing stock prices, but even if so, they believe the stock will eventually rise. 

It’s a positive signal for the industry, and perhaps suggests that 3D Systems has something up their sleeve that may be revealed in the future. A new 3D printer? A new printing process? A software acquisition? 


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