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S Square’s Three 3D Scanning Solutions

We took a good look at not one, but THREE 3D scanners from Hong Kong-based S Square System. 

First, S Square offers a basic tabletop or handheld 3D Scanner, the SenseObjects. It’s based on the primesense 3D hardware and offers good performance that is comparable to any using the same hardware. What we found interesting about this scanner is that the accompanying software can automatically eliminate extraneous material acquired during the scan, such as background or surface elements. S Square says the SenseObjects will retail for USD$319, a price comparable or lower than other options. 

S Square’s second scanner is a B2B offering: the MagicKiosk. It’s a system designed to quickly capture the 3D image of a face  (an avatar) and apply it to a set of pre-made 3D models for printing. The MagicKiosk uses Intel’s 3D hardware to collect the 3D information. It’s the sort of device you might find in a shopping mall where passers-by could order a custom 3D print of themselves. Unlike the SenseObjects, the MagicKiosk is targeted at business users. 

The third 3D scanner on the S Square shelf is their very interesting full body 3D scanner. We’re impressed with the simple design and low cost: the FBS uses a single set of 3D scanners arranged on a single pole, with the subject on a turntable. The scanner uses a structured light method, which is safe for subjects (i.e. no lasers!) 

The results of the FBS can be seen above, and the prints appear to be of very good quality. 

The key thing here is that the price of this full body scanner is said to be only USD$2,800! That’s an order of magnitude less than we’ve seen for other full body 3D scanners. In fact, we’ve seen installations involving dozens of USD$1,000 DSLRs, far more than the cost of this unit. The FBS is not displayed on their website, however, so it may not be available to the public yet. 

Via S Square System

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