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3D Hubs Also Offers Student Discounts

This week we explained Shapeways' recent announcement of discounted services for students. It turns out 3D Hubs also provides a similar program. 

Here’s how 3D Hubs’ program works: if your school is qualified, you can then register your school email address (shown above) to generate a coupon worth 15% off 3D print services provided through 3D Hubs. 

We don’t have a list of specific schools registered, but it’s easy enough to find out if your school is qualified: just type in your school and 3D Hubs will immediately indicate if it’s in their system. 

If it’s not, you get this message:

Bummer! It looks like your university is not enrolled yet. Please leave your university email address below and we’ll try to enroll it asap.

So don’t feel like you’re left out; It seems to be 3D Hubs’ intention to get as many students involved as possible. 

Via 3D Hubs

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