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Design of the Week: Pope Francis

pope francis front.jpg

This week’s selection is the realistic 3D printed Pope Francis figurine by Staramba. 

As the Pope’s visit to the Americas ended yesterday, it’s quite appropriate this week’s Design selection is a figurine of the papal leader. Made by Berlin-based Staramba, the figurine features Pope Francis in a standing pose with right hand raised. 

Like many 3D printed color figurines, this item is produced in “full color sandstone”, which we take as code for a 3D Systems ProJet color powder printer. While this device can produce reasonably accurate colors and textures, Staramba says: 

This photorealistic 3D printed figurine is made with a full-color 3D printer and received an elaborate finishing touch by hand. 


Every figurine is unique due to the manufacturing process. Therefore colors of images on this website may differ within reasonable boundaries from the original product.

Thus, these are very finely prepared individual 3D prints that should be much higher quality than “everyday” 3D prints on the same equipment. 

pope francis left.jpg

In commemoration of the recent papal tour, Staramba is offering the print in a variety of sizes ranging from 114mm tall (USD$69) to a larger 182mm (USD$249). You’re also able to select a textured background representing some of the cities on His Holiness’ recent tour, including: Philadelphia, Havana, New York City, Washington DC and of course one of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. 

Via Staramba

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