Design of the Week: Finger Wrench

This week’s selection is the incredibly useful Finger Wrench by YouMagine contributor and 3D print enthusiast Franc Falco.

This item is perhaps one of the simplest designs ever selected for Design of the Week. it’s essentially a weirdly shaped tube with a notch in it. But the magic is in how it’s used. 

This device is designed to assist in holding a nut when faced with an awkward assembly situation. We’ve all been there before: balancing a tiny nut on our fingers, carefully moving it underneath the cover in hopes of lining it up with the bolt hole. Then, “clunk”, as it falls off your finger to disappear in the guts of your precision machine below. 

That will never happen again if you’re using the Finger Wrench, which is able to hold the nut securely even in awkward positions. It’s like adding fingers to your fingers. Brilliant! 

Here’s how it works:

There is a gap all down the back side, thereby allowing one size to fit a wide range of fingers. Slip a nut or bolt into the wrench as shown in the two images. Finger pressure keeps the nut or bolt in place. The tapered slot inside the wrench prevents the nut or bolt from turning.

Available at no charge from YouMagine. 

Via YouMagine

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