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Design of the Week: Manhattan Pegboard Collection

This week’s selection is the highly practical “Manhattan Pegboard Collection” by “Matt Manhattan”. 

The collection is a set of functional mounts and holders suitable for placement on a standard pegboard. 

“Manhattan” is a “NYC Native” and like most NYC residents, doesn’t have a lot of free space at home. Being a maker and an owner of a desktop 3D printer enabled “Manhattan” to develop solutions for the issue: the pegboard collection. He describes it as follows: 

The Manhattan Pegboard Collection for 3D Printers is a set of modern, customizable parts that allow you to to generate bins, mounts, holders and even shelves for nearly every object that you may want to have neatly hung on a pegboard.

All you need to do is select and print a number of pegboard mounts and you will soon have your stuff hanging from the walls. Oh, and you’ll have to sacrifice several walls to be covered with pegboards, too. 

The collection currently contains five items: 

  • Customizable Holder (2-Peg) for Pegboards
  • Customizable Holder (4-Peg) for Pegboards
  • Customizable Rounded Holder for Pegboards
  • Pedestal Shelf for Pegboards
  • USB Cable Holder (6 Cables) for Pegboard
peg parameters.jpg

The customizable items are quite interesting, because Thingiverse’s customizer system permits you to directly specify the required dimensions for them. For example, if you want a shelf for a 3.75cm wide item, you can generate a shelf that’s exactly 4.75cm wide. Got new items? Print more shelves! 

The collection seems to cover the basic methods of pegboarding: round holders, box holders, flat holders and cable holders. You should be able to do significant damage to your untidiness with this collection. 

While designed for apartment use, we think this approach might be even more popular for workshops, but check out the images of the collection installed at the link below. 

Via Matt Manhattan and Thingiverse

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