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Syncky Sells Many 3D Printed Products

Korea-based Syncky is not a 3D model repository, but instead a site where you can order many different 3D printed products. 

It’s a crowded world out there if you happen to be a 3D model repository, of which there are now many. There are fewer places that specialize in 3D printed products only, and one of them is Syncky, based on Seoul, in Gangnam-gu, no less! 

For those used to checking out sites that market 3D models, the pricing may be a bit shocking. However, this is because they’re not providing you with a 3D model; instead they are actually 3D printing the model and shipping it to you. 

Many of the 3D printed products are kits of parts that must be assembled. Here, for example we see the parts associated with a “Colormized Zwagon”, where you are allowed to customize the colors of each part when ordering. They say: 

Then don't forget to message us the parts and colors you want! If you choose Basic, random colors will be sent.

Most items are priced in the USD$10-50 range, and this seems appropriate given the complexity of the models and number of parts in question. 

Each item is well explained on its own page, with multiple images of the product and how to make use of it. 

All products we looked at indicated they would be produced on an Ultimaker 2 3D printer in PLA, which is a relatively low-cost method of producing prints. In this case, it’s clear you’re paying for the design of the 3D model, and not so much the printing operations. 

While some of the site’s products appear to contain designs made by Syncky’s own team, they’re interested in attracting other designers to market their products on the site. Some have already done so. They explain how this works: 

The website offers an open marketplace where anyone from anywhere can sell their creations. All users can be shoppers or makers. There is no charge for owning an online store for individuals on Syncky. Makers can select specific countries they want to sell to, or simply sell worldwide. The marketplace is built to support the 3D printing maker community. The service hopes to create a standard in the industry for the creativity of application and quality of printed products.

As of this writing Snycky appears to hold a mere 24 3D printed products, which is not very much. However, they appear to be high quality designs that would be of interest to some. It will be challenging for a small company to attract more designers until they grow larger and attract more buyers, as they must compete with earlier ventures such as Shapeways, who already have a very large collection of 3D printed items for sale. 

Via Snycky

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