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Weistek’s MiniToy 3D Printer For Kids

After questioning whether 3D printers should be made for children the other, we see Weistek releasing a 3D printer specifically designed for kids! 

The MiniToy is an interesting device, and while we don’t believe it should be “owned” by children, this unit would probably fit very well into a primary or even middle-school classroom. 

As you can see in the images, this machine is designed to look like any toy children might recognize. It’s brightly colored and has a plastic appearance. But the simplicity goes beyond just the look: this machine is operationally simplified, too. 

The interface is very simplified, and permits children to select items to print. There’s NO parameters to set, as that’s all taken care of automatically. Touch and print, that’s how it works. 

The selection of printable items is vast; we were told there are a “couple of hundred” themes available. 

One very interesting feature is the decorative handle on the side of the MiniToy. As a print proceeds, the handle rotates! This gives the machine the appearance of “doing something cool”. 

The machine is to cost between USD$350 and USD$399, so it won’t be particularly expensive for anyone. It should be available sometime in February, but we’re told that Weistek is looking for North American distributors for this unusual unit. 

Via Weistek

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