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Design of the Week: Moving Table

The 3D printed "Moving Table"

The 3D printed "Moving Table"

This week’s selection is the fascinating “Moving Table” 3D model by MyMiniFactory contributor Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi. 

I find the idea of moving machines fascinating, perhaps inspired by the artistic works of Theo Jansen, who created the famous Strandbeests shown in this amazing video: 

In the video, the Strandbeast actually walks and is powered only by wind. 

While that’s a bit of a project to build, you can do something similar with this 3D model from MyMiniFactory. 

The Kalsi version is not wind powered, but instead has a not-so-secret embedded electric motor, powered by onboard batteries. However, Kalsi explains: 

The motors are optional. The model can be moved manually also if needed. I used 1:100 ratio 6v geared dc motors. Also a lot of plastic lubricant is needed and it tends to jam up the legs are joint together using m3 x 12 mm hex nut and bolt.
Parts for the 3D printed "Moving Table" are pre-plated for easy printing

Parts for the 3D printed "Moving Table" are pre-plated for easy printing

There are actually not that many parts and Kalsi has conveniently arranged them into easily printable platefuls. Just load and print. Then you’ll need to assemble them. This is entirely practical to print and build, as are almost all models on MyMiniFactory, which if you don’t know, actually tests EVERY submission on their own fleet of 3D printers

Have an idle 3D printer? You might want to make one of these this week. 

Via MyMiniFactory

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