Design of the Week: Caesar Pencil Holder

 The Caesar Pencil Holder
The Caesar Pencil Holder

This week’s selection is the “brutal” “Caesar Pencil Holder” by Thingiverse contributor Kevin “Abrokadabra” of Buffalo, New York. 

The piece is actually a remix of Thingiverse contributor Chris Red’s detailed “Julius Caesar” bust from last year. But there’s a major modification. [UPDATE: The original model is actually sourced from My Mini Factory’s “Scan the World” project, where notable statues around the world are scanned and collected for everyone.]

There are multiple holes in Julius’ back for you to insert very sharp pencils. Ouch!

 Seven unfortunate holes in the back of Julius
Seven unfortunate holes in the back of Julius

That’s it! A trivially simple modification to a 3D model has transformed it into something entirely different. 

How would you feel when you stab, er, I mean insert a pencil into Julius? The holder, I mean. 

 Stabbing Caesar in the back! 
Stabbing Caesar in the back! 

Would this item be a kind of “stress ball” where you take out your work frustrations on an innocent 3D print? No doubt! 

Could it be a conversation piece where people notice the effect and make a comment? Perhaps.

Could it be a fun gift to give someone, perhaps a friend interested in the Classics? Maybe

It’s all of those things and more. And that’s why it’s Design of the Week. 

You can obtain the 3D model for printing freely from Thingiverse at the link below. However, be sure to measure your pencils carefully, as the comments indicate you might have to slightly resize Caesar to enable them to fit snugly. You might also consider the weight of the print; if it’s too light, heavy pens might tip it over. One way to solve this is to pause the print and squirt in some heavy solidifying liquid in the bottom. 

 Caesar is definitely not amused. SPQR! 
Caesar is definitely not amused. SPQR! 

The only thing better would be a Caesar Knife Holder, which I am certain someone must have done by now. 

Via Thingiverse

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