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A New Set of Anatomical 3D Models

A 3D model of an elbow joint from and Artec

A 3D model of an elbow joint from and Artec

There’s a large new set of 3D models focused on anatomy, courtesy of a collaboration between and Artec. has been deploying a wide variety of interesting 3D models in the past and continues to do so. Up to now they’ve focused on historical items, such as ancient sculptures. These 3D models are offered for download on their site either for a small fee or no charge. 

Many of their 3D models have been obtained through collaborations with Artec, who produce a line of powerful handheld 3D scanners, ideal for this type of work. 

Now their latest collaboration involves the production of a large number of anatomical 3D models, which is a bit of a departure from’s usual fare. But it’s a good thing. 

Why? Because as far as I can tell, there are not many 3D printable anatomical 3D models available. And it’s not that these would be 3D printed by hobbyists. I expect these to be used primarily by professionals, such as physiotherapists or others who may wish to have an appropriate 3D print at their facility for use in their practice. They’ve produced 3D models of knees, elbows and feet, just the kind of thing required. 

This is a very good move for, as it provides a way for them to move a bit more towards the professional market, as the hobby market has been flat for a variety of reasons. 

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