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Meet Us In Frankfurt!

 The skyline of Frankfurt, Germany

The skyline of Frankfurt, Germany

Our team will be perusing the works of many 3D printing companies this week at the formxext trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. 

This is a new and not-so-new trip for us. In past years we’ve attended the EuroMold exhibition, which used to have a rather large hall filled with 3D printing vendors of all types. It was a very efficient method of contacting many vendors and seeing new equipment. 

However, in recent years the EuroMold exhibition has changed significantly and now takes place in a smaller venue elsewhere, leaving Frankfurt without a major 3D printing show. This was rectified last year when a new event, formnext, popped up out of nowhere to take the place of EuroMold in Frankfurt at about the same time of year. So it’s back to Frankfurt, but at a different show.

We were not able to attend last year, but this year is different. We’re expecting to visit over 75 vendors during the week and find out many new things, which of course you’ll be able to read on our pages. 

But we would like to say this: if you are in Frankfurt during the show period (November 15-18), we’d be pleased to meet with you and talk about all things 3D. 

To contact us, just shoot us a friendly email here. See you in Frankfurt!

Via formnext

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