5 New, Must See Features Coming to Fusion 360

, 5 New, Must See Features Coming to Fusion 360
Five new features in Autodesk Fusion 360

If you want to find out what Autodesk is up too, Autodesk University is the place to be each year. 

Last week that happened… yep, I just checked and we were in fact at AU last week. It was a bit of a blur, but I know two things for certain, nay THREE — Titos is the best vodka, beatboxing should kick off more conference keynotes, and Autodesk shot out five feature previews for Fusion 360. They’re features many have been gnawing the last bit of their fingernail beds in anticipation of. Some are surprises, some are expectations and others just change the game completely.

In our last article, we looked at what Autodesk had done with Fusion 360, but it’s at Autodesk University–during the keynotes, special sessions and the bartop conversations in particular–where you not only see what’s coming to Fusion 360, but what people are doing with Fusion 360. As you know we loooove the latter, and it’s those people who influence the direction and development of features in Fusion 360. What are those features? Let’s have a look.

, 5 New, Must See Features Coming to Fusion 360
Integrated electronics PCB design in Autodesk Fusion 360

1. Integrated Electronic PCB Design

This comes from Autodesk’s acquisition of CadSoft with their massive ELEMENT14 userbase and the EAGLE Schematic/PCB Design software. The software will be fully integrated with bi-directional associativity between MCAD and ECAD environments.

, 5 New, Must See Features Coming to Fusion 360
Sheet metal design in Autodesk Fusion 360

2. Sheet Metal Fabrication

Hello. I’ll just let half of you pass out right now… and the other half when you hear it’s ‘Coming Soon’ to Fusion 360. For good reason though–with stiff competition, they’ve been perfecting this to be the best sheet metal available. It looks amazing, from flange creation, miters, feature creation and flat patterns of course, PLUS automatic nesting.

3. Nastran Simulation

Ever since Autodesk revealed the results of the NEi Software acquisition with Autodesk Nastran, it has been suspected the capabilities would make their way into Fusion 360. The wait is over. Fusion 360 has a new solver, new Contact Manager, Buckling, Bolt Connection, multiple load cases, nonlinear studies, shape optimization and super improved mesh refinement. Lattice optimization also coming to Fusion 360 for light weighting. Bit of a large update.
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