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Help Us Out: Answer Our Annual Sculpteo-Powered 2016 Reader Survey

Sculpteo is powering this year's annual Fabbaloo reader survey

Sculpteo is powering this year's annual Fabbaloo reader survey

This blog is read by many thousands of people worldwide, but we really don’t know enough about you.

With the very generous help of 3D print service Sculpteo, we’d like to find out what you’re looking for from us. 

Yes, this is a census, a simple survey of you, our readers. We’ve carefully designed a short questionnaire that we’d really, really like you to fill out. We promise it won’t take much of your time, and it will definitely help us refine our blog structure and content going forward. 

Not convinced? We have something special for you: one lucky respondent will receive a USD$100 gift certificate for popular 3D print service Sculpteo, where you’ll be able to request a 3D print of your choice (or even of your own design) in many different materials. We’ll perform a random draw after the survey concludes and contact the winner directly. 

How to get started? Just click THIS LINK and you’ll be in the survey form immediately. Don’t worry, it won’t take long, and the survey closes Dec 31st. We’ll announce the winner very early in 2017. 

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