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3D Systems’ Infocenter Impresses

3D Systems' Information Center

3D Systems' Information Center

I just noticed that 3D Systems has completely revamped their online support material for all their equipment. 

In the past, I have to say that navigating their site for specific information was extremely challenging, to the point of giving up and calling at times. The material was in separate places, using different page style snd with inconsistent content. 

Now they new 3D Systems “Information Center” seems to solve those challenges by significantly reorganizing what appears to be ALL their content into very consistently displayed sections. 

They’ve divided the site into three main sections: Desktop, Professional and Production, with an added “Legacy” section if you look closely. 

Each machine has available data displayed as shown at top, with the “Quick Start” guide right in the middle. There’s online help, downloads for software and firmware as well as equipment bulletins all ready to read at a single touch. 

Of particular interest is the legacy section, as 3D Systems tends to make new machines faster than people upgrade, meaning there’s a lot of legacy gear still in use around the world. The legacy section means these companies will still be able to access required information, such as maintenance procedures. 

There’s also links to register for training. 

All in all, this is a fantastic upgrade to their site. While the actual end content is similar to before, now you can actually find it all very easily. Well done, 3D Systems! I wish other 3D printers companies would offer similarly easy-to-use online resources like this. 

Since I just noticed this upgrade, I cannot tell you when it was deployed; it could have been a while ago. But one thing may be true: it could be that the influence of their new CEO of earlier this year may be visible through this change: 3D Systems is making it easier to do business with them. 

Via 3D Systems

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