EVO-tech’s Professional 3D Printing System

, EVO-tech’s Professional 3D Printing System
The EVO-lizer professional desktop 3D printer

Four-year old EVO-tech’s main product is a very powerful desktop 3D printer for professional use. 

The Austria-based company’s “EVOlizer” is specifically targeted at engineers as it includes a number of features enabling use of exotic materials that may be required for prototyping or production projects. 

The basics: the EVOlizer includes a sealed build chamber, heated by stray heat from the heated print surface, dual extruder and capable of high temperatures, enabling the ability to 3D print exotic materials. 

The machine is entirely suitable for use in an office environment, as it emits only 49dB noise, about equivalent to a very quiet conversation. As well, it includes an activated carbon filter to ensure emissions from the print materials do not leave the printer. 

One might wonder why this machine is classified as a “professional” 3D printer, and it’s because of two essential features: reliability and material availability. 

This machine is said to be extremely reliable, and can actually 3D print “big ABS prints” successfully, which are notoriously difficult to achieve on most devices. 

, EVO-tech’s Professional 3D Printing System
The EVO-lizer professional desktop 3D printer includes a very extensive touch screen with plenty of information

But the big feature of this machine is its ability to successfully use exotic print materials, well beyond mere PLA and ABS. Here is a short list of materials that have been certified for use on the EVOlizer:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • ASA
  • FRF
  • PET
  • Iglidur
  • POM
  • PPS
  • HIPS

The machine is also capable of 3D printing fire-resistant ABS filament, as shown in this video (in German):

This printer, although very capable, is expensive. It’s priced at “under €20,000 (USD$21,000)”, but would be a very appropriate  piece of equipment for those requiring the use of specific materials. 

Via EvoTech

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