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James Dyson Opens His Own Engineering School to Curb UK Skills Shortage

James Dyson and a vacuum

James Dyson and a vacuum

Despite drastic efforts to increase STEM education across the country, as well as a renewed interest in industrial design thanks to a new crop of product design startups in London, the number of skilled UK engineers is actually on the decline.

Enter James Dyson.

As the sole owner of Dyson Ltd, James Dyson is no stranger to taking matters into his own hands when it comes to problem-solving. Heck, it’s been said that he spends over $6 million per week to solve design and engineering problems in his R&D department alone.

James Dyson and students

James Dyson and students

To help curb this skills shortage, the British inventor is opening a new college to train engineers in the UK starting in the fall of 2017.

Called the Dyson Institute of Technology, the Wiltshire, England—based school will be housed at the company’s existing headquarters and will offer 25 seats to engineering students per year. Rather than paying to attend the school, Dyson will instead pay them $20,000 salary (as well as bonuses) while they work alongside Dyson’s design and engineering teams four days a week, while the fifth day will be spent in the classroom reflecting on their learnings.

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