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Design of the Week: Wonkey Chest of Drawers

This week’s selection is the funky “Wonkey Chest of Drawers” by YouMagine contributor francfalco.

francfalco explains the piece: 

Inspired by the Dr. Seuss stories and characters, my 3d printable version of a wonky chest of drawers. As soon as this was off my printer, my youngest daughter grabbed it and it now contains her jewellery and 'girl' stuff - so i reckon that's as good as use as any! Enjoy! 

This is a very easy print; there are only three downloadable print STL files available, although you’ll only need two. It seems francfalco included two sets of drawers, one having a hollow drawer and the other being solid. We suspect this is to permit up and down scaling of the model: if you want (and your printer can accommodate) a larger version, you might use the hollow-walled drawers so you can put items into the drawers. On the other hand, if you shrink the model, you may require the solid drawers. 

This is a 3D model that screams to be printed in multiple colors. But which colors should be chosen? The answer is easily found in your nearby Dr. Seuss books. 

Via YouMagine

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