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We’re Looking A Bit Different Here Today

Dear readers, we’ve performed some surgery on our blog this weekend to clean things up and implement some new features. 

You’ve probably already noticed if you’re a regular visitor, but  to explain what’s going on: we’ve switched out blog template to one we feel will serve us a bit better going forward. We hope you like it as much as we do!

The look is a lot cleaner, with images being far more prominent. Most importantly it should provide much improved viewing from mobile devices. In fact, it’s a dynamic template that will automatically adjust the layout as the width of your display changes. You can actually see this effect in action if you’re on a desktop browser and squish or expand the width manually. 

But beyond the template change, we’ve also implemented some updated or new pages you might be interested to check out: 

Archive: This, for some readers, is perhaps the most important addition. Our annual survey suggested that we should implement better ways of finding stories. You asked, and we delivered: The new “Archive” page includes no less than SIX different ways to find posts among the thousands we’ve published since 2007. In fact, we even have a gigantic list of ALL those posts if you really want to scroll through them. 

FAQs: We get asked a lot of questions about 3D printing, and it turns out there are certain questions that appear over and over. We suspect many Fabbaloo readers are also asked similar questions, so we wrote them all down with short, simple answers. Feel free to use the FAQs page if someone’s asking you basic about 3D printing. 

Blog: Our blog now presents a short author bio at the bottom of each post, something readers have been asking for. 

About: Our “About” page isn’t exactly new, but it has been cleaned up significantly and now lists all of the site’s many contributors. 

Are we finished changing things? Definitely not! We still have a number of tweaks that will be implemented over the next while, so please understand if there are brief outages. Stay tuned and thanks for reading us!

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