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We Have A New Contributor: Rachel Park!

I am very pleased to announce that longtime 3D print writer Rachel Park will now be contributing stories to Fabbaloo. 

Rachel is very well-known in the 3D print industry, having written for a number of publications about 3D printing and additive manufacturing for well over twenty years. She knows practically everyone involved in 3D printing and her reach enables her to develop stories and insights that few others can match. She's great fun to be around, too. 

I’ve been friends with Rachel for several years, having first met at a EuroMold in Frankfurt, where her depth of knowledge in the industry was immediately apparent. At the time, I thought adding Rachel to our team would be a terrific idea. However, circumstances led to other paths. 

I did have the opportunity to work with Rachel at Disruptive Magazine, where she was often found working under a table, as seen above. 

Now, circumstances have changed once more and we’ve had the opportunity to engage Rachel as a regular contributor to this publication. I’m really looking forward to seeing Rachel’s work going forward!

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