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Design of the Week: Pretend Missile Attachment for Minidrones

This week’s selection is the strange “Pretend Missile Attachment for Minidrones” by MyMiniFactory contributor Savik K., which portends some very interesting future designs. 

This item is literally what it is called, a “Pretend Missile Attachment for Minidrones”, and it appears to be nine missile-like objects when strapped on to the top of a drone. 

Available for download at MyMiniFactory, you can be assured this item is easy to print. It requires a little bit of support material to print, but it’s easily removed. 

The object includes some mount points, apparently suitable for attachment to the “newest line of minidrones”, according to the description. 

Yes, this is an extraordinarily simple object, but that’s not why we selected it as our Design of the Week. No, it’s because this extremely simple object carries some powerful implications. 

First, let’s consider what happens if you actually put this on your drone. Or, even better, let’s paint the missiles to make them appear highly realistic, and then strap it to your drone. 

What will observers think when they see this? Some may recognize it as a joke, but others may see it quite literally and freak out. A drone - with missiles?! In fact, we’d actually advise you not to actually use this on a drone, as the legal authorities in some jurisdictions may get carried away. 

This is why we picked the Pretend Missiles as Design of the Week: it shows how simple 3D prints can make something become Something Else. 

A simple shape can evoke very strong emotions if applied in an effective way, such as this design has done. 

Our question is: “What other designs can easily shape your thoughts?”

Via MyMiniFactory

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