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Design of the Week: Bird Feeder

This week’s selection is the practical bird feeder from the Printed Nest project. 

The project intended to create a worldwide network of bird feeders through 3D printed designs. Bird feeders are especially appropriate for production on basic 3D printers of almost any capability due to their simplicity and size. This project provided a number of possible bird feeder designs for sale and download. 

Currently, however, it appears the project is no longer active, as their social media seems stalled and their online store is “sold out” on literally every item. It seems this was an attempt to provide a customized 3D print service in a niche area, but did not move forward.

But don’t despair: their basic Bird Feeder 3D model is still available on Thingiverse for download at no charge. 

The design is a simple egg-shape, which is obviously appropriate for a bird house, but can be adorned with additional elements. 

At top we see a set of antlers providing a means for birds to sit near their home. 

In this example, someone has pasted a rocket (or is it a missile?) to the front of the 3D printed nest. 

The point here is that although the 3D model is basic, it can be made much more interesting with your ingenuity. You need only design (or find) an appropriate structure to attach. Print it and glue on to the front of your Bird Feeder and you will have a unique site to attract birds. 

Does this thing actually work? Apparently so, if you watch this video: 

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