Could the iPhone 7 Become an Effective 3D Scanner?

Rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 7 may include a feature that could enable it to be a 3D scanner. 

According to a report on MacRumors, industry analysts suggest the new model may include a “dual lens camera system”. This speculation is driven by Apple’s previous acquisition of LinX, who developed a multi-aperture camera. 

There are many advantages to a dual aperture camera, particularly when combined with a fast processor, which could combine information from dual images to develop superior images with greater brightness, higher dynamic range and more. The configuration can even offer new features, such as a way to provide a digital zoom that doesn’t suck.

But what we’re most interested in is the 3D capability of a dual lens arrangement. Two lenses looking at the same object can obtain 3D information. This information could then be used to create a digital 3D model of a subject. 

In fact, LinX has previously demonstrated this capability, as shown at top. It’s actually a depth camera, which shows the depth of an object from a stationary position. 

With some sophisticated software, a depth camera can easily become a 3D scanner by simply combining multiple static depth images together: walk around a subject taking depth images and produce a 3D model!

If the iPhone 7 does include a dual lens system, you can bet some companies will very quickly create a usable 3D scanner app. 

Check the App Store in December. 

Via MacRumors

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