3D Platform Improves Their Massive 3D Printer

3D Platform Improves Their Massive 3D Printer

3D Platform just launched their new “3DP Workbench”, a very large format 3D printer. 

3D Platform (which used to be named “3DP Unlimited” and recently changed their brand), has been working on large format 3D printers for quite some time, and the latest release incorporates all their learnings and user experiences together to provide a very functional large format 3D printer. 

How large is this thing, exactly? It is able to 3D print objects up to 1000 x 1000 x 500mm, far larger than almost any other 3D printer you might encounter. There are only a few competitors in this range, and some of them are industrial models that cost far more than the 3DP Workbench. 

The 3DP Workbench appears to be a significant evolution over their previous 3DP 1000 machine. The “Workbench” part of the product name should be taken literally: this product includes an actual wood workbench where one can operate on completed prints to remove support material, for example. The workbench component also includes no less than 12 drawers for tools, supplies and materials. This is a great feature, as it recognizes the post-printing efforts that are required by all 3D printers. Now it’s included with the machine itself. 

3D Platform Improves Their Massive 3D Printer

Another non-obvious feature of the 3DP Workbench is that it folds up! A major concern the company no doubt ran into with previous models is that they are so large they cannot fit through standard doorways for installation. This presumably cost them at least a few sales, so the answer was to make the printing gantries foldable. Here you can see how the new device can easily fit through any standard doorway. 

Further to the physical optimization of the printer, the print surface has been raised by the workbench to an optimum level for access to the build platform. No longer will you strain you back bending over to access a print – it’s now at the correct level. 

Oh yes, the machine itself has also been improved. They’re using servo motors instead of stepper motors for some of the motion control. They say their “SurePrint” servo technology can “cut your print time in half” by providing up to 85% greater torque, meaning the extruder can accelerate and decelerate much faster. 

Speed is important for any 3D printer, but it is much more critical for a large format 3D printer, which can take literally weeks to complete a print. Saving half that time is spectacularly important. 

It’s not stated, but I believe the pricing of the 3DP Workbench should be in the USD$20,000+ range, but if you’re interested and require a large format 3D printer, definitely contact 3D Platform for details. 

Via 3D Platform

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