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New Minority Report-Style 3D Modeling Service Coming: 3DGxPAINT?

I stumbled onto a new, apparently not-yet-launched 3D modeling service that could be extremely interesting: 3DGxPAINT.

The service is definitely not open, as some of their site links fail at this point, but the material that is available shows a vision of a powerful 3D tool that many people will want to use. 

It’s a combination of a browser service, cloud service and a Leap motion control device. 

The Leap is a very small 3D sensing device that attaches to any computer. It detects 3D motion, typically of hands and fingers that are placed above it in the air. It’s very much like you may have seen in the movie, “Minority Report”. 

But this use of the Leap is used for 3D modeling. It works in concert with a cloud service that displays in a browser window. 

Here you can see a bit of how you can manipulate your 3D model - with only your hands! 

The cloud service is quite comprehensive and provides a means to not only store your 3D models, but also share them with others on a work or client team, for example. 

You can manage a library of 3D models, but they also include the interesting concept of “Rooms”, in which participants can apparently be invited for sharing. You can catch the flavor of how this is done by watching this video.

It also appears that models can be streamed to others while they are being worked on through the Leap Motion controller. 

They say their service is “3D Models at your fingertips”, and they’d be quite correct.

When will this service be launched? I have no idea. Actually, I have no idea even if it WILL be launched. All we have at this point is an incomplete website, with no dates or pricing. 

But it sure looks interesting, doesn't it? 


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