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Your Quick Answers Could Help Additive Manufacturing Research

A survey is underway seeking answers from professionals using 3D printing / additive manufacturing processes. 

Mojtaba Khorram Niaki is a PhD Candidate at the University of Rome in the Department of Computer, Control, and Management, currently working on his doctoral dissertation. Niaki has previously published research papers on a variety of topics, including YouTube advertising, food production and, of course, additive manufacturing. 

One AM paper by Niaki explores how a company’s competitiveness changes with the introduction of additive manufacturing technology. Another gathers papers related to how manufacturing management could change to best adapt to the new realities introduced by additive manufacturing

Now, Niaki is working on another paper that is digging deeper into the effects on competitiveness with additive manufacturing.  To collect data, he has set up a survey. He explains: 

The questionnaire is a part of my doctoral dissertation. The objective is to find the real impacts of Additive Manufacturing on business competitiveness and operations strategies. Therefore, the correspondents will be a CEO, CTO, COO of the companies, adopted 3D printing or other additive technologies.  we are asking their experience of introducing AM in their business and operations.

If you happen to be any of the above, please hit the link below to fill out the quick survey. I think it’s important, as there are vast numbers of companies across the world today that have yet to take advantage of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies. The more evidence of successful outcomes using the technology, the better. This research could help make that happen. 

Via SurveyMonkey

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