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Design of the Week: Bomb Lamp

This week’s selection is the not-quite-explosive Bomb Lamp by Shapeways designer Urbano Rodriguez. 

The design is simple and reminiscent of classic bomb designs, as it includes appropriately spaced rivets along two circuits. 

As you can see in the image at top, the Bomb Lamp can be deployed in two modes: stand up on a desk or table, where it looks like it’s about to be launched, and hanging, where it appears to be falling. 

As are many of our Design of the Week selections, this is a functional item: it really is a lamp. You need only insert a standard electric bulb socket and screw in a standard A19-size bulb (if you’re concerned about that, A19 is the most frequently encountered light bulb size, and you no doubt have several nearby.) 

One very important thing to remember: you cannot use incandescent bulbs in the Bomb Lamp or pretty much any other 3D print, as the excess heat from the broiling light filament will soften the print’s plastic, possibly leading to disaster. 

You can, however, use most standard-size fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, or even better, a cool LED bulb - and save more energy at the same time. 

The 8 x 13.4cm print is available in Rodriguez’s Shapeways shop, where it’s offered in nine wildly different colors of nylon, priced at USD$60 each. 

Via Shapeways

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