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Design of the Week: War Machine Mark III

This week’s selection is the very detailed and comprehensive War Machine Mk 3 model by CGTrader contributor Rafael Benedicto.

Benedicto’s model is based on Marvel Universe’s Avengers series, specifically the most recent entry, “Captain America: Civil War”, which just happens to open this Spring. 

For those not familiar, it’s a set of armor worn by character War Machine / James Rhodes, played by actor Don Cheadle in the movie, and is quite similar to the “Iron Man” suits seen previously by most of us. 

In the images here, you’ve probably noticed this is quite a comprehensive 3D model. It’s designed for 3D printing, so there are no textures associated with it, meaning you’re going to paint the print when finished and assembled. 

I say “comprehensive” because this model includes a large number of parts, all of which must be printed and assembled. 

Here’s some. 

And some more. 

And even more. Yes, there are more than this, too. It’s a lot of parts. 

Where can you find this 3D model? It’s available at CGTrader, where the model is available for purchase. You’ll get three files: 3DSMax (146MB), .STL (212MB) and .OBJ (342MB).

The price? Well, it’s a bit high as compared to other purchasable 3D printable models at USD$350, but this is a very comprehensive model, with a very timely character. 

3D printing all these parts will likely take considerable print time and subsequent assembly, so be prepared for a lot of work. But in the end, you’ll get an incredible print. 

Via CGTrader

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