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Two Months Later: Do You Like Our New Suit?

Way back in February we took a big step and dramatically changed our site layout. Do you like it? 

All things age and must be renewed from time to time, and blogs are no different. Leading up to the change in February, we had been using more or less the same layout we’d been using for several years and as time passed, more reasons accumulated suggesting change. 

One reason was the increase in the number of contributors to our site, which meant we had to more prominently show author information. 

We got that done. 

Another major factor in the change was the increase in use of our material from mobile devices. The previous layout wasn’t exactly pretty when viewed from mobile, but the new system dynamically adapts to devices of any size! 

We got that done, too.

Finally, the look and feel has changed to a softer, lighter appearance that we just love here. 

And we hope you do too. How do you feel about our changes after reading us for a few weeks? 

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