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One Of The Four Models Of CreateBot Could Meet Your Needs

 One of the several CreateBot 3D printer models

One of the several CreateBot 3D printer models

There are four different models of the CreateBot 3D printer, one of which could likely meet your requirements. 

CreateBot is a line of desktop 3D printers produced by Yueqing Kanin Electric Co., Ltd of Wenzhou City, China (located about 400km south of Shanghai on the Pacific coast), and has been operating successfully since 2012. 

The company produces up to 11,000 3D printers per year on its seven assembly lines (3 finished product assembly lines, 1 printer parts production line, 1 test line and 2 filament production lines.) 

Currently the company offers four different desktop 3D printers: 

Createbot MAX 3D Printer: With a huge build volume of 280 x 250 x 400mm, this machine should be able to handle most needs. It’s fully enclosed and able to capture heat from its heated print surface for more reliable 3D printing. It’s pretty fast, too, with a speed of 80mm/second and higher. It seems to come in both a touchscreen or LCD panel version. It’s priced at a very reasonable USD$1,540.

Createbot MID 3D Printer: Is very similar to the MAX, but with a slightly smaller build volume of 205 x 205 x 250mm, still quite generous. This unit is available in seven different and outrageously bright colors. Print layers are as small as 0.1mm, the de facto standard among desktop 3D printers these days. Here the price drops to USD$1,000, again a very good deal. 

Createbot MINI 3D Printer: The MINI’s build volume is 150 x 150 x 220mm, which, when compared to other “mini” machines is quite large. Like the MAX and MID, it can handle ABS, PLA, PET and other plastic filaments. The MINI’s price varies depending on options, but you might pick up one for as low as USD$600 for the single extruder version, or USD$825 for a dual extruder version. 

Createbot Super MINI 3D Printer: Has the smallest build volume of the line at 102 x 100 x 100mm, which is indeed small. However, the price is also small at USD$450. 

 The default set of tools that accompany each CreateBot

The default set of tools that accompany each CreateBot

Each CreateBot comes with a pretty decent set of tools, as pictured here. Nice!

Perhaps the best place to shop for a CreateBot is AliExpress, the consumer portal for Alibaba, which is endlessly fascinating to explore for Asian products. 

Via CreateBot

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