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The Light Rider is a 3D Printed Motorcycle Designed by Aerospace Engineers

A motorcycle 3D printed in metal

A motorcycle 3D printed in metal

What happens when aerospace specialists develop a motorcycle with bionic algorithms instead of calculating spaceship engines?

According to Airbus subsidiary APWorks, the result is “the world’s lightest motorcycle,” AKA the 77-pound Light Rider.
3D printed with the company’s own Scalmalloy material – which they describe as being a 3D printing-optimized, aircraft-grade aluminum with the strength of titanium – the electric motorcycle is powered by a 6 kW electric motor that’s both silent and emissions-free. The resulting power-to-weight ratio is similar to that of a supercar, even if the result is more of a souped-up e-bike rather than a high-performance motorcycle.

Says lead engineer Stefanus Stahl:

With the Light Rider, we are demonstrating our vision of future urban mobility using our know-how of optimizing manufacturing technologies used in aerospace applications to create new means of transportation that meets our expectations.


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