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3D Hubs Tells the Whole Story

3D Hubs releases detailed introduction to 3D printing

3D Hubs releases detailed introduction to 3D printing

3D Hubs has just published a rather good - and long - piece introducing 3D printing to newbies. 

The almost 7,000 word page starts assuming you know absolutely nothing about 3D printing, but have interest in learning. It explains in quite simple terms and with easy-to-follow diagrams the processes of 3D printing, the useful applications of the technology, materials and 3D model design tools and repositories. 

They also ask a number of frequently asked questions, such as whether to use a 3D print service or use your own equipment. 

Finally, they finish up with a number of “tips and tricks” to ensure more reliable 3D printing by making adjustments to the 3D model design. 

I feel this is a very good introduction for those new to 3D printing, and experienced users may also find knowledge they hadn’t yet encountered, particularly if you’ve spent the majority of your 3D printing experience using one 3D printing process. 

3D Hubs, if you don’t know, is a massive 3D printing community network, one that began with hobby machines, but now has started to encompass powerful industrial 3D printers, too. 

Just the sort of thing described in their document, “What is 3D Printing?”

Via 3D Hubs

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