Need a Vertebrate, a Tortoise, Antlers Or an Edible Dormouse 3D Model?

A color texture 3D model of a sturgeon

3D model repository service Threeding has announced a new partnership that’s resulted in a large number of animal anatomy 3D models. 

Threeding has partnered with 3D scanner company Artec to develop the set of anatomical 3D models, the first batch of which are now online and available at Threeding’s site

 A color texture 3D model of a tortoise
A color texture 3D model of a tortoise

I should point out that these 3D models are free of charge for download, whereas Threeding normally makes their revenue on paid 3D models, of which they have plenty of great examples elsewhere on their site. 

 A color texture 3D model of antlers
A color texture 3D model of antlers

The 3D models are available in .WRL (VRML) format, which means they are fully colored with textures. This makes them excellent candidates for full-color 3D printing, but the format is a bit bulky and you’ll find many of these 3D models exceeding multiple tens of megabytes in size. 

Also remember that once a model is digitized, it can be remixed with other 3D models or modified to create some very interesting results. 

I’m hoping this partnership continues as there are many additional 3D models I’d like to see in this collection. How many anatomical models are there? Lots! Therefore, the more, the better. 

Via Threeding

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