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The MTW Create 3D Printer Kit is Much Improved

 The Maker's Tool Works new MTW Create 3D printer kit

The Maker's Tool Works new MTW Create 3D printer kit

Maker’s Tool Works announced the release of the MTW Create 3D printer kit. 

Maker’s Tool Works, based in Oklahoma, is dedicated to providing high-quality 3D printer kits to the public and they’ve been doing so for many years. They sell a variety of kits at different price ranges, as well as a full selection of parts for you to repair and experiment with. 

While their prime machine of late has been a RepRap MendelMax variant, the new machine makes many improvements. They explain: 

Compared to our MendelMax 3, the MTW Create™ is much easier to assemble, and much more reliable out of the box. We have eliminated as much as possible of the variability, so you should get great prints out of the box, with almost no calibration. Other improvements include recirculating ball linear rails on all axes and built in WiFi and a 5″ Color Touchscreen.

The machine has a healthy build volume of 250 x 315 x 250mm and comes with a single or dual extruder. Unlike the primitive kits of the past, this machine includes a WiFi network connection, automatic bed leveling and an all metal E3D v6 hot end. The machine also uses only high-quality mechanical components such as recirculating ball linear rails on all axes. 

 Sample 3D print from the new MTW Create

Sample 3D print from the new MTW Create

Print results from the MTW Create look very good!

Were this an assembled unit from other companies, it would be priced far higher than the mere USD$1,895 Maker’s Tool Works charges for their single extruder version. 

However, keep in mind this is a kit that you’ll have to build yourself. For some, that might be a showstopper, but for others who feel capable with assembly, this could be the machine for you. 

Via Maker’s Tool Works

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