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This Large Format 3D Printer Made from Two $9.99 Side Tables is the Ultimate IKEA Hack

 A homemade 3D printer made from hacked IKEA furniture

A homemade 3D printer made from hacked IKEA furniture

Except for perhaps the Raspberry Pi or Arduino, few products are as capable of going from zero to hero with a little DIY ingenuity than IKEA furniture – otherwise known as IKEA Hacks.

At its core, an IKEA hack is a modification or repurposing of an IKEA product that breaks into the IKEA code of furniture assembly. To date, users have created everything from room dividers out of coat hangers to multi-monitor workstations from closet doors. Now, users will soon be able to build their own large format 3D printers using just two $9.99 LACK side tables thanks to this ingenious hack from Northampton-based 3D printing enthusiast Wayne Mason-Drust.

“This project is just the beginning for a (more polished) cheap large format printer,” he explains. “The build volume is 34 L X 31 W X 30 H CM. You would be surprised how sturdy this machine is and yet lightweight.” In comparison, MakerBot’s $6,500 Replicator Z18 large format 3D printer’s build volume measures in at 30 L X 30.5 W X 45.7 H CM.


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