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Design of the Week: Two Green Foxes

Two green foxes

Two green foxes

This week’s selection is the Two Green Foxes project by Nicholas Syiu and Alina Wong. 

Their project is artistic - and sentimental. It turns out the pair both attended the University of Pennsylvania and became best friends. Unfortunately, the two were separated after graduation and now live in distant places. 

But in today’s world, it’s possible to stay in touch in a variety of digital ways, but this pair found a way that involves 3D printing. 

The plan was this: print a pair of green foxes, named John and Jane. These were sourced from Thingiverse: the original low-poly fox was designed by Thingiverse contributor Slavik, and the voronoi-style fox was apparently a modification by Thingiverse contributor Crazyfire917. 

Two green foxes again

Two green foxes again

Then this happens: 

We take turns carrying them and shooting them doing different things and different places. She takes them and shoots them in different places, and then I'll take them and shoot them in different places. It's sort of a metaphor for me and my best friend, and the project really means a lot to us. 

Our goal is to bring 3D printing technology into everyday culture and the arts scene, and find an intersection between modern materials science and digital photography, through a medium where we can reach a younger generation through Instagram. We attempt to humanize plastic figurines and literally "bring 3D printing to life".

Two green foxes

Two green foxes

It’s a wonderful way to keep in touch, and a way to truly personalize a set of objects. 

Via Instagram

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