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Watch the Brute Force of Linear Friction Welding in Mind-Numbing 32x Slow Motion

Friction welding - in slow motion!

Friction welding - in slow motion!

Commonly used to seamlessly join dissimilar materials with different melting points, friction welding has been used to manufacture everything from airplane parts and rocket thruster tanks to even space shuttles and the razor-thin iMac.

But regardless of the intended application, the visual spectacle provided by forcefully joining two materials together with brute force is one of the most satisfying manufacturing processes to watch – or at least for some 21 million viewers on YouTube.

More recently, The Welding Institute (TWI) decided to take things a little further and shot the linear friction welding process between two bricks of titanium in 32x slow motion. Pioneered by TWI, linear friction welding is a solid-state joining process that has since become an established manufacturing technology for several niche aerospace applications.

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