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Autodesk Announces Design Graph, Punches Shape Search in Solar Plexus

Autodesk's Design Graph

Autodesk's Design Graph

You know when you cried into that bucket of bolts because you couldn’t find the matching hardware? Those were sad, rough times. 

It’s almost as bad as when you stared into that bucket of PDM space searching for that one thing, that one guy modeled, that one time, that would never be needed again, but is now definitely needed again. Shouldn’t 3D models be easy to find nowadays? For real, with all the PDM and meta-data and geometry and desktop super-computering we have, and have had for years? We’ve even seen many a shape search technology come in with a ‘WOW’ and go out with a ‘MEH’. However, Autodesk believes they have the solution. This week they announced the fruit of their 5 year machine learning initiative, Design Graph, with a new approach to data intelligence for finding your flippin’ models.

How do they find my 3D data?

Simply put, you enter a search term and filter the results down from there. Design Graph searches primarily by shape and allows you whittle results down by category. It will search through all of the 3D data you have… as long as it resides on the A360 cloud-based design/collaboration platform. But here’s the difference. The technology is driven by shape search, but is not the sole criteria. After the shape is captured – the features are captured. After the features are captured – the morphology is captured. After the morphology is captured – the patterns of all the bits are deconstructed. And it’s doing this for all the data, in every account on A360, learning from it and applying it to the whole. 

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