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Microsoft Updates Their Flagship Mouse with the Premium Surface Precision Mouse

The new Microsoft Mouse

The new Microsoft Mouse

Never underestimate the power of an ergonomic mouse.

And for many CAD modelers, the Surface Mouse from Microsoft has been a great balance between price and comfort for years. But like most other things, it’s been long overdue for an update beyond the typical left click, right click, and scroll wheel functionalities.

Arriving November 16th, Microsoft’s new Surface Precision Mouse leans heavily on improved ergonomics while adding another layer of advanced customization for a variety of workflow.

The new Microsoft Mouse

The new Microsoft Mouse

According to the company, the premium mouse offers a new level of control and “supports your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control for easy manipulation,” while the Bluetooth or wired USB connections offer users the ability to work across three separate computers—if so desired.

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