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LEDAS Developing Cloud Platform to Build 3D CAD Apps

LEDA's new cloud platform

LEDA's new cloud platform

To bring designers and engineers across industries together, LEDAS’ research division has announced they are working on a platform which acts as a basis for developing cloud CAD/PLM and AEC/BIM applications.

The LEDAS Cloud Platform (or the LCP, as they like to call it) is the result of fusing engineering functions such as authoring 3D models and visualization with cloud abilities like dispatching user requests and data storage.

While all the processing is handled by the cloud servers, users can navigate and access the 3D model in a browser-based applications via WebGL, Typescript, or Javascript. The best part is that the LCP allows for instant manipulation with 3D models during real-time collaboration, making it is suitable for both small and large companies.

According to LEDAS COO Nikolay Snytnikov, the idea for a licensable cloud platform came about as a response to their customers’ demand for cloud-hosted 3D CAD/BIM applications. With the LEDAS Cloud Platform, companies will have access to their own cloud-based 3D modelling software while avoiding the licensing and technical issues which arise from existing cloud CAD apps. Buildable applications on the LCP range from MCAD to AEC, and can even be used for architectural visualization and BIM data management.

Does it actually exist? According to Mr. Snytnikov, yes.

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