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Alice Caboste – “3D printing gave me a new freedom as a designer”

Alice Caboste

Alice Caboste

After studying product & furniture design in London, Alice went to work in Paris for two great designers – Andrée Putman and Pascal Mourgue – on many projects for the home & luxury industry.

These major opportunities gave her the freedom to create “Alice Etcaetera” in 2010 – a sustainable design studio – while collaborating on a broad diversity of projects: craft & industrial, contemporary & traditional, on various scales.

Very curious about manufacturing techniques by nature, Alice actually started working with 3D printing because of a “missing skill” to produce her first silver jewelry collection.

Nora Toure: What was your very first experience with 3D Printing? 

Alice Caboste: My first experience with 3D printing technologies was in 2010 when I created my own collection of silver jewelry made in France & named “Grigris”. As I did not have the know-how to produce my own wax originals (classic jewelry making process), I decided to imagine a new production process mixing contemporary technology with classic craftsmanship.
I designed and 3D printed my originals (in laser sintering polyamide powder) then gave them to my open-minded craftsman to transform them – with his traditional silversmith skills – into beautiful and unique solid silver rings (classic “lost wax” technique & hand-polished). 3D printing gave me a new freedom as a designer: it allowed me to materialize exactly the form I had imagined  & created in 3D modeling, directly into a solid object.

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