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This Gigantic Mouse Pad Covers Your Entire Desktop

A gigantic mouse pad, just the thing for 3D CAD designers

A gigantic mouse pad, just the thing for 3D CAD designers

This Gigantic Mouse Pad Covers Your Entire Desktop!

As frivolous as it may seem, the humble mouse pad can be a serious tool on the desktop. Whether it’s a simple run-of-the-mill pad from a vendor or a more robust ergonomically-crafted wrist support system, a good mouse pad can save your sanity after hours of clicking away on a project.

But you’ve likely never seen a mouse pad like this one before.

The G840 XL Mouse Pad from Logitech, which more closely resembles a yoga mat than a desktop peripheral, is an insane approach to making computing a tad more comfortable.

Designed for marathon gaming sessions, the “performance-tuned surface” provides a consistent height across your desktop while extending material around your keyboard and mouse for additional wrist support.

Measuring in at 900x400mm and 3mm thick, the consistent and uniform surface provides optimal sensor imagery for translating quick mouse movements without a hitch—like when you’re rapidly firing off all those chamfer commands. And if that’s not enough to have you drooling by now, the gigantic pad even includes its own transport roll—not unlike a yoga mat storage solution.

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